pour on water…..

temperatures in Australia have been on the warm side recently, parts of New South Wales had temperatures of 47 + yesterday. such heat combined with the dry earth and ridiculously hot winds that blow through the land have lead the fire services to categorise the conditions as catastrophic.

When we drive out towards the coast,away from the city, we pass the fire warning signs and if it has been dry and sunny they usually say “very high” which sounds bad but is just a healthy way of saying be alert the land is dry

Catastrophic means potential for loss of life and property and people are advised to get to nearest urban area and go to a cinema or shopping centre and not stay in a dry wooden house in the middle of nowhere. If any of you have ever experienced a hot, strong wind you can imagine what that can do to a fire. Last night areas of New South Wales had lightening and at the time of writing 87 fires are blazing with 4 being deemed emergencies.

Imagine if this was you…

I find there words, ” It is too late to leave” chilling, which is ironic…..

It will be an anxious watch of the tv news this evening and it’s especially impressive when you realise so many of the Fire services crews are reserves and volunteers, not paid professionals 



Australia day #2

so last year I gave a more historical/ social context post about Australia Day and tomorrow sees our 2nd one. 

One of the things Australians do well is enjoy food, especially anything homegrown/ reared so there is lots of advertising and eating of mangoes, avocados, bananas, dairy, meat etc. this year the Lamb marketing people have decided it is the one meat that unites people and works well for an Australia Day BBQ so they have produced this Lamb advert. I think it’s witty, honest and a good laugh at the Brits expense.

It has met with some contention but the one thing it shows very well are the diverse origins of the modern Australian population and the beauty of the land, and that Aussies love a gathering!

I’d love to know what you think.


Ps – the neighbours from New Zealand talk about the “chully buns” aka “chilly bins” aka in australia “an esky” or British English “a coolbox”

happy christmas

yup, I know it’s the day after Boxing Day but I was enjoying having relations visit us from the uk and showing them a good time – think I pulled it off on the Christmas Day marathon dance off with my sister in law (thanks kb x), I may have actually pulled several muscles….

safe to say most people can’t wait to put 2016 behind them, from the political to the pop we’ve lost some good people and some things are going to change bringing uncertainty and the accompanying fear with it.

as a family in Oz this year has seen us move house, wondered at the 8 week lead up to the federal election, welcomed friends and family who have come to visit us and enjoyed showing Melbourne off to them,  and consequently felt our tie with this country grow stronger. we are still trying to say yes to new things so welcomed two lovely Chinese students to our home for a week, went to a Christmas in July party (fab), 45 gave kite boarding a go but decided not a long term interest, I started going to yoga classes and drank several turmeric lattés. I was given a recipe for a zucchini slice, cooked it and took a plate along to 12’s graduation party. Some of these things are so small as to not even bother registering but 45 and I feel younger and lighter in spirit because of them.

i have still not managed to attend the “dance like Beyoncé” class, or been to the gin festival – Juniperlooza, climbed up Hanging rock, barracked for a team at a footy match or eaten fairy bread – but I plan to and I’m looking forward to it. It’s not about ticking things off a list but identifying new opportunities that sound fun and giving them a bash

socially I’ve had my eyes opened by the students at Ames, hard working people from all over the world learning English to particpate fully in Australian life. Their past stories are heart breaking and tough but they embody the very best of the human spirit and after the troughs this past year has sunk to we need some of that.

if you can be kind and welcoming to a stranger, give some time to a charity, donate food to a food bank, check on an old person or at least encourage it in your kids the world will be better because of it

Here’s hoping everyone enjoys a healthy and happier 2017 – god knows 2016 was pants!


aussie hero……

every once in a while someone comes along who makes you believe in the goodness of the human spirit – meet Daniel…..

I haven’t actually counted how many times he says “mate” but his selfless act and genuine chat with the news reporter have made the bloke a bloody legend in a couple of hours since appearing on breakfast tv

ain’t nothin’ but a number…

Poor use of English aside the above is usually used when celebrating a “significant” birthday (apologies for coy use of quote marks)

However 45 and I are celebrating 25 years of being together. So it may just be a umber but to me it’s a special one and despite the fact we didn’t get each other a card or gift of any significance the fact that we can still hang out together and start drinking way too early on a Sunday means I know I picked the right man!

Quite frankly he is nothing short of a saint for putting up with me and the fact that I sacrificed my burgeoning bikini modelling career to have his children is something I made peace with years ago – I think we can call it evens now!

Love you Mr B – here’s to the next 25!